TEM Suite – Telecom Expense Management

For many companies, telecom expense represent approximately 25% – 35% of IT costs. It is important that companies have visibility into all aspects of those telecom costs. Even with these cost implications, most companies do not have a system for capturing all their usage and associated costs from their unified communications infrastructure.

MTS’s TEM Suite Call Accounting offers companies of all sizes and industries a flexible solution for capturing and managing those unified communication costs.

Works Across All Switch and PBX Types

TEM Suite works on most PBX systems from major switch vendors including Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft Lync, Unify, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, NEC and others. The TEM Suite supports collection of CDR from traditional, hybrid or IP-based switches and unified communication platforms.

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At Your Fingertips

  • Overall Telecommunication Cost Reductions
  • Increased Your Business Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Cost Alignment and Visibility
  • Corporate Governance and Policy Compliance
  • Greater Insight into Your Business Practise

Additional Features

  • Procumbent and Help Desk
  • Invoice Management
  • Asset Management
  • Usage Management and Call Accounting
  • Wireless Management
  • Reporting and Dashboard
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Manage Services