• OUTLOCKS™, a Knock N’Lock brand, presents highly secure locking solutions and access control systems
  • Knock N’Lock™ is engaged in the design, manufacturing and selling of robust locking devices and access control management solutions for outdoor applications
  • The solution comprises of both advanced mechanical locking and electronic access control based on a unique Knock Code Technology™
  • Every product is meticulously designed and protected by several worldwide registered patents

How Does It Work

  • Our unique patented method transfers the code from the KnocKey™ to the locking unit mounted behind the door by mechanical knocks, that can pass through any solid surface (wood, glass or metal)
  • The user enters his opening code to his KnocKey and presses it against the door. The KnocKey generates a series of knocks that are received by the locking unit.
  • The locking unit receives the knocks, deciphers the encrypted information and only if the combination of KnocKey’s serial number and opening code is correct – the locking unit will unlock

OUTLOCKS provides the operator the high security level achieved by offline access control system, with the convenience of online administration and monitoring

Access Control & Key Management

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Management of codes – Generation, replacement and more
  • Scheduling of time frames, shifts, off hours, holidays and various schedules
  • Provides one-time opening codes to system users – online by IVR, geo fencing or text messages (SMS)
  • Permission management – each LNLi user can be defined to have broader or more restricted security privileges, from complete control over the system to the limited and defined control
  • Upon system parameters entry to the LNLi and synchronization of the Locking Units (via Knock N’Lock’s USB-Opto connector cable), there is no further communication (cable or wireless) between locking units and software.
  • Detailed event logging of last 100,000 events

Broad Range Of Products

  • Padlock
  • Versatile Lock
  • Locking Device
  • Cam Lock
  • Blocking Device
  • Safe Lock
  • Control Unit
  • Movement Blocker

OUTLOCKS™ focuses on four main segments as first priority markets, characterized by high pain-of-loss, multi-users, high-security and remote locations.

For more information on our OUTLOCKS solutions please feel free to contact us.